Boarding Release Form

Boarding Release Form

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All pets boarding at the Sand Road Animal Hospital, LLC must be current on the required vaccinations of Rabies, Da2pp, and Bordatella. Additionally, we strongly recommend that dogs receive the Canine influenza Vaccine; but is not required. Your pet must be free of external and internal parasites, or they will be treated on admission at your expense. All pets receiving vaccinations will receive an examination from one of our veterinarians and an exam fee will be charged.

*Any pets discharged after 2pm will be charged for that day.
*Pets must be picked up by 12pm on Sundays.

Please note: Any pet(s) picked up before scheduled departure date may not have been given their bath.

Playtimes: Group Play ($10.00) Individual Play ($7.50/15 minutes)

Would you like your dog to have a bath before discharge?: Yes (fee will apply)

Would you like us to apply Frontline Flea and Tick Prevention? Yes (fee will apply)

Date of last flea/tick preventative application:

Feeding Instructions: (will you be bringing your own? Yes)

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What pet personal belongings that you will be bringing?

In the event of an emergency, our veternarians will treat your pet and contact you as soon as possible following treatment. Do You Accept These Terms? Yes

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