Holistic Case Reviews

Holistic Case Reviews

Sadie, the cat presented with acute onset of jaundice and anorexia. Blood work showed liver failure with gallbladder disease which was supported by ultrasonography. Sadie was started on IV fluids and all the modern medicines we use for this problem. unfortunately, Sadie's condition continued to decline. We had nothing more we could do for Sadie from a modern medicine standpoint. At this time, the owners elected for acupuncture. Sadie sat quietly for her session (she was too sick to move). After we were done, Sadie slept. Later that day, Sadie started eating and her fever was down. Within 24 hours, Sadie's Jaundice was resolving and she was more interactive, playful and purring. A second acupuncture session was performed 2 days later. Within 1 week, Sadie was back to normal with all of her blood values normalizing.

Snow, 14 year old dog, presented for the inability to move. She was able to bear some weight on her front end but unable to stand on her hind end. She had normal mentation and a great appetite. Her xrays and bloodwork were completely normal. There was no modern medical explanation for her clinical signs. The owners agreed to acupuncture. Within 2 hours of her acupuncture session, Snow was able to bear weight on all four limbs. 6 hours later she was able to walk. 2 days later she was able to walk and trot and get up on her own and she went home.

Tucker, 10 year old dog, was diagnosed with lymphoma and seen by an oncologist. Based on his biopsy results and special testing, it was determined that he had the most aggressive type of lymphoma which did not, historically, respond to chemotherapy. The oncologist gave Tucker 2 weeks to live. The owner decided to pursue integrative medicine with acupuncture, herbal therapy, food therapy combined with chemotherapy. Tucker is alive and well 7 months after diagnosis.

Hannah, 4 year old dog with chronic renal failure. Hannah was diagnosed with leptospirosis in Dec 2013. She spent several weeks at Tufts Veterinary Hospital for treatment of renal failure secondary to the leptospirosis infection. Unfortunately, despite very intensive care, including dialysis, Hannah's kidneys continued to fail. She was released under the care of Sand Road and the owner elected integrative therapy. We started food therapy, herbal therapy, and acupuncture on Hannah in December. Hannah is alive and well, enjoying the summer, and playing with her friends 7 months after diagnosis with a prognosis of only a few weeks to live.

Integrative therapy combines modern/conventional medicine with traditional Chinese medicine. Sand Road Animal Hospital is now able to offer integrative therapy to prolong and better the quality of life for all our patients. Please let us know if you are interested in a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) evaluation.